This festival was one of my favorites over the past 5 years. It’s the Bluis Naktys. A Festival in Varniai, Lithuania. I had the pleasure of headlining on one of the nights in 2017. I got back to my blues roots on this one and made a good rocking mess of myself in the process. There are moments one wishes to last forever. For me, this is one of them.

The Show

The show started off like many of my tours with me hiring a band in the local area. I had already performed a few shows in Latvia over the last several years prior at a rock venue there in Latvia and got my feet wet with my original music with a rock crowd which is different from my usual Jazz crowd. This crowd was a lot more feisty and I had to do a good bit to convince them that Steelpans belonged on a Rock stage.

The Band

During these shows, I met up with a brilliant man and killer guitar player named Egons Kronbergs.I really dug this guy he embodied the kind of guitar playing that I really like. The Bob Dylan, Tom Petty variety. So he was perfect for the show. I was scheduled to headline the show on the first night of the weekend so I flew to Riga and was met by Egon we both drove to the festival by night. When arrived at the festival. I found out that my original backup band was stranded in Oslo. So I was given the choice of performing with a woman bass player named Sintija Grigorjeva who stunned me and blew my mind. You can hear me screaming her name during our show and drummer Peteris Zile. What a crazy night!

Blues Naktys

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