Crazy Kiev Love Groove


Gregory Boyd here with my Crazy Kiev Love Groove! There was something special in the air on this show. I thought the show was going to be canceled due to rain. However, to my surprise all the people gathered even closer. The band kept up high energy as we ran the gamut of New Orleans funk, Blues, and several of my original songs not to mention a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heavens Door” one of my favorites. This show lasted 2 hours and I think the time went by far too quickly. I looked around and it was the end of the night.

It just so happened that a new friend of mine was in the audience music producer and DJ Eugene Filatov. The young phenom producer for the Ukrainian group “ONUKA”. After my first listen to Onuka some months back, I listened to them constantly after I just so happened to hear them closing the European song contest of 2017 then I made it my mission to get in touch with the organization. Since then Eugene and I have been in touch, recording music and collaborating and there is a new release on the way. That night, Eugene and I met at a local club called The Alchemist and talked like we had known each other for years.

It’s amazing how you meet people on the road. I have luck meeting those who inspire me. I will keep my heart open and dream big. There are many more people I wish to collaborate with and release music.

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Eugene Filatov

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