Steelpan Songs

It started as a dream I had in early 1987. My dream was to join the US Navy Band. After time in Pensacola Florida, I received orders to join the US Navy Band after having auditioned many times to get in. During this I was informed there where no drummer spots open at that time and was presented with the idea of joining the US Navy Steel band. I was reluctant at first because quite frankly there was some bad press about this band being the place where some musicians were sent who could not perform satisfactorily or had discipline problems and so it was affentionately known as the shit can band by some. I did not like this and immediately began to set upon myself another identity. When I got to the band I was blown away at the idea of perfoming on Caribbean Steelpans it was like a dream come true to enter in such an environment where drums where king and melody was paramount. The culture of pan had not really even dawned on me quite yet and to be honest it was just enough for me catch my breath being in a situation so brand new to me and so fresh and simply packed full of possibilities. I know I am a born entertainer and this was fertile ground for such an endeavor to take place.