Gregory delivers in his performance lecture a message of resilience and hope.

Eva Justinussen

Alterna Efterskole

“Gregory Boyd gave our students a great experience with his live lecture and his music. He is a very dedicated speaker who does everything to engage his audience. Gregory’s very personal approach to his topic made the experience present and exciting to the students.” 

Vh. Henrik West Jutland Gymnasium Tarm, Denmark

I can listen to him for 5 hours I enjoyed it

Bertram Juelsgaard Koldingegnens Idræts Efterskole

He got our student’s attention – regarding the presentation but also the way he presented it. This led to the fact that all our students captured his message that they all should take the lead in their own lives.

Med venlig hilsen
Mette Svane, Viceforstander
Ingstrup Efterskole

Gregory was a great storyteller, with wide perspectives of the world, his ability to create engagement was no less than extraordinary. The show features amazing storytelling and stunning musical performance. His message was very strong and inspiring, and he told it with great passion and a smile on his face.

Best regards to the students at Brejning Efterskole

Med venlig hilsen
Lone Frankel Goul

For information on booking this performance lecture contact Gregory Boyd at or via cell at 45 2621 6734, I will supply all setup details, cost, and other essential details plus answer any questions you may have. Thanks, Gregory