Gregory Boyd

My Merch the brand is called URBAN ISLAND GEAR. This is my merch line and I am proud to give it you and proud to make it happen for you. You can find more at the online shop www.urbanislandgear.com . For many years I thought it would be a great idea to have merch. It was not always easy to do it always seemed an impossibilty. But now working with some brilliant online manufacturers and am able make my dream come true of having my very own Merch Line. I have big dreams. I can’t help it. It’s something I get from my mother.

The logo

I am particularily proud of as it is a photo of me from one of my photo sessions here in Denmark some years back. I had it turned in to a logo and the rest is history. I’ve since use it on my Youtube Channel and all of my socials. By the way when you purchase any of my Merch. You will automatically get 10% off everytime you purchase. And you can always email me if there are any problems with a product. Check this out. If I happen to see you at one of my shows with any merch on, you will get a free gift. I am still working on what the gift will be but anybody who comes to the show sporting one these pieces of gear will definatly get something from me. I find it a major joy to find people at one of my events with gear on. It truly makes my day. So feel free to bring it out and flaunt it. Most of my gear will focus mainly on hats t-shirts and shoes for the time being. I am listening to what your thoughts are and maybe l will add some other things for the future.