🥁🎸 Calling all music enthusiasts and advocates for education! 🎉✨

We are thrilled to introduce you to a truly remarkable initiative: Going Back to New Orleans (GBTNO) 🌍

For the past 15 years, musicians, Jens Damm Drumset and Joakim Øster on Electric Bass and Gregory Boyd on Vocals and Electric Steelpan have been spreading the joy of New Orleans rhythms and Caribbean connections to schools all over Denmark 🇩🇰🎶

“Through GBTNO, we have without a doubt created a platform to inspire and educate young minds and adults about the rich history of jazz music and its profound impact on our world. We engage with students, sharing the story of how slavery played a part in the creation of Jazz music in New Orleans and how this genre henceforth has shaped modern music coming from the USA as we know it.

But we don’t stop there! In addition, our presentations include an epic Stomp Style Jam, followed by an immersive musical experience with sounds from Congo Square New Orleans it’s undeniably awe-inspiring! 🎷🥁

If you’re searching for a truly unique and impactful experience for your school or organization, look no further than GBTNO. This project is an incredible opportunity for students and adults to explore the roots of music, understand the importance of cultural exchange, and in so doing learn about the power of resilience and creativity 🌟✊

Contact us now to book GBTNO and let the magic begin 📲💫 Remember, through music and education, we can truly make a difference in shaping a brighter future!

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For Booking in Denmark Contact LMS (Live Music in the Schools)


Vester Allé 15DK-8000 Aarhus C

8619 4570

For International Booking Contact

Gregory Boyd

GroovesVille Music

cell 45 2621 6734


Ryhule 13

8740 Brædstrup, Denmark